the slug and the squirrel is a design experiment of sorts- an alchemy of art and ecology, an endeavor. to reconnect our modern habitat with a sense of undiscovered nature.

we create one-of-a-kind wilderness terrariums inside heirloom vessels, inspired by far-away natural landscapes both discovered and imagined.

found bottles and jars become objects of living sculpture. each layered with locally grown plants and wild mosses atop an organic architecture of earth, sand, and stone. inside each grows something humble. yet extraordinary

even the slightest fragments  of earth and wild can entangle the imagination or appease the spirit. this curious exchange has compelled us to create. living objects of wilderness- a journey to unearth the ancient connection that once existed between humans and plants.

artist and plant-lover jojo agatep, creates every living object by hand and according to his vision and guiding mantra: create something from nothing... from nature.